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Domino Smart Dog Toy
Domino Smart Dog Toy

Just How Smart is Your Dog?

The Dog Domino Dog Toys is one of the brilliant toys made by Nina Ottosson. The interlocking sliding blocks function in a similar manner as the very popular Dog Brick. Treats are hidden in the recesses located below the sliding blocks and under the pegs. Once the sliding blocks are maneuvered correctly, your dog can collect his reward and then slide and remove the peg to reveal additional treats. These unique interactive wooden puzzles are designed to enrich your pets mind and foster a stronger relationship between people and their beloved furry family members. These toys are revolutionizing the way we think of playing with our pets.

The idea with Dog Domino is that you and your dog will have a fun and enjoyable time together. You demonstrate. The dog watches, listens and learns. Together you have fun!

This is a level 2 - 3 smart toy.


Domino Smart Dog Toy $59.50





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