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Everlasting Treat Ball Dog Toy
Triple Crown Treat Ball from Starmark

Provide your dog with the Everlasting Treat Ball for hours and fun. It is made of durable puncture resistant materials, it will hold up to even the toughest chewers. The unique design allows it to wobble and roll erratically. It's great to use for preventing destructive boredom behaviors or to simply keep your dog happily occupied. You can even hide it around your house or yard for a game of doggie hide and seek. The options are endless. The fun is everlasting.

The everlasting ball can be filled with an Everlasting Flavor Treat, or with dog food or with your dog's favorite snack. The unique shape and raised dental ridges of the Everlasting Treat safely scrub your dog’s teeth for an extra clean and fresh doggie smile.Two Everlasting Flavor Treats come with the large Ball, one comes with the medium and small ball. The Everlasting Treats can be purchased separately.

Small 2.5 inch, Medium 3.75 inch, Large 5 inch

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Small Everlasting Treat Ball Dog Toy $13.50

Medium Everlasting Treat Ball Dog Toy $22.50

Large Everlasting Treat Ball Dog Toy $26.50



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